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Lessons The problems and lessons pointed out in addition to those highlighted by Blomqvist were: the attitude of authorities towards potential victims of human trafficking and an unwillingness or lack of the skills required to identify the problem; the definition of 'human trafficking': is it usury, taking advantage of vulnerable people, deceit, threatening, full control over the lives of the victims, tax fraud?

How do you tell the difference between human trafficking and a labour dispute? They are afraid of the authorities, feel ashamed and embarrassed, and lie because of it.

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Some are illiterate, uneducated, from different cultures. It is often easy for the defence to turn such circumstances against the victim and make them look untrustworthy; how do you bring middlemen and people who knowingly use the services of victims of human trafficking to justice?

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Attention of media and politicians A review of cases revealed that complicated laws and shortcomings have started to attract the attention of the media and politicians in addition to the judicial system. Related items Contact Angelika Lebedev communications adviser ph.

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Authors Kavitha Sreeharsha, Kelly Hyland. UPC Code Product Code EBK. Children and adults are provided with shelter, food, and education.

Fighting human trafficking: From understanding to action

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